On eagles, snakes, and good guys with guns

4th of July rambling from a redneck mystic

Even the ruggedest individual is not separate

he is part

of a long line of people who gave their dna for him

part of the animals and plants he consumes

part of elements he is made of.

There is no bootstrap human. 

God put spiraling, creating life energy into each of us

Our bodies are shaping themselves from elements like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen,

Our behavior is shaping itself by the ways of the humans around us,

We are creating ourselves, whether we realize it or not, from the materials, ideas, and energies that we can grasp, as a bird creates its nest from available material, whether straw, branch, or plastic.

God gave us this free will

and with it came all the ways we can abuse power.

Could even God have foreseen

The multitude of abuses the demons would bring to freewill

The multitudes of idols the humans would worship

The lengths to which conquerors would go

Stealing the land, expertise, and very bodies that had been carefully nurtured by “inferior savages”

AND using the flag of a nation or the symbol of an idol to excuse

or GLORIFY their exploitation of earth and of “others”,

(“others” meaning barbarian, savage, heathen, people not like us, people we can dehumanize and justify exploiting, those that we somehow decide are NOT children of God.)

Oh, and the demons were pleased. The misery was a banquet.

God despaired at the mess

Tried to flood it all and start over.

Gave a rainbow promise

But people just went right back to cruelty, like dogs to their vomit

and the demons were pleased.

God wept.

And thought

“I’ll go live in that matter, with that suffering, and that limitation,

I’ll show them how to stop being tricked by demons.”

And he did. He lived a path to show how to live free, to live in love, instead of in bondage to wargames.

But people with money and power chose instead to make an idol of Jesus, just as others choose other idols to prove they belong to the “good” tribe, justified to kill others.


here we still are

2000 years later.

Many do follow Christ’s true path! The path he blazed is always there; just ask him how to walk it!

it has become clear that many who claim His name, like a member ID,

without following his path

are still denying human history

a false image of “good guys with guns” invading “savage” tribes, stealing their wealth and labor, and using State and Religion and Practicality to justify violence as DEFENSE DEFENSE! Over and over again.

LISTEN TO JESUS, not the demons!

Jesus did not say “stand your ground and defend your property”. He said” Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.” (Matthew 5:38-39, ESV)

Jesus did not say “protect your right to bear arms”. He said , “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword. (Matthew 26:50-52, ESV)

It is the demons who tell us that violence can create peace.

The hungry demons who feed on suffering

Just go to the light already! you mosquito demons, addicted to human emotions,

I am so sick of your pathetic sucking

your only power is what you have stolen!

you viruses and cancers and immune disorders of spirit

turning us against our own kind


We have to cast out the demons of exploitation.

We have to stop shaming people for their pain.

We have to stop blaming the afflicted for their affliction

We have to stop blaming the hurting for lamenting their sorrow.

If we shame and blame the one with the suffering

We cannot have true empathy

We cannot see others as children of God

We separate ourselves from them, trying to avoid their suffering

And the demon wins twice

He gets to feed on the abandoned soul

And the suppressed guilt, the abandoner’s delusion that he is not his brother’s keeper

He gets to feed on the victim’s pain

And on the perpetrator’s deceitful attempt to justify himself, which causes him PAIN TOO

It’s a feast for the demon!!

Love is the only thing that stops the demons’ feeding

A demon starves

with no pain to feed on

He must give up and go to the light

Share in the light which we are all meant to draw energy from

The demon is a middleman

Dependent on human energies

Unable to go to source, because he refuses to.

He is dependent upon the whims of human emotion.

We all want to fight an enemy, right??? Americans especially love the endorphins of battle!

Remember that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers and principalities

spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

It is simple really


If you strike down the demon with violence, he arises stronger, with a hundred heads.

The only way to defeat the demons is to starve them

We must turn their misery food into energy humans can use for their own care:

Here is what we can do to starve the demons:

teach calm

nurture and care

spread joy through:





raising food

caring for animals

caring for humans

creation of any beautiful thing

loving attention of any kind

create the ability to feel safe amid danger

which gives us ground to fight on.

All of this is fed by love. 

All of these things teach us to exist without being controlled by the limbic actions of fight flight freeze fawn

To resist the fear anger hate

which the demons live on.

We have to stop glorifying instant heroes

the “good guy with the gun” is a fake hollywood image. A gilded idol of what a savior truly is.

The “good guy with a gun” is like pornography, in that it perverts the goodness of true heroism, which is people working together for the good of all, NOT looking for personal glory.

This wrong idea of a savior leaves people impotent, waiting for salvation, not cooperating with God to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

That’s why Jesus let them kill him. jesus was not a good guy with a gun. He was not a blood sacrifice to appease an angry God.

Jesus’ life was an illustration of how to dethrone the war demon who pretended to be yahweh and throned himself by exploiting the humans’ terror.

We are the ones who crucify Jesus, every time we do not tend to the least of these. Every time we let the exploiters win. It is up to us to stop crucifying him for speaking the truth.

God is not a magical Genie that we command to do our whim.

Also, God is not an authoritarian tyrant who blesses only those who toady to him.

God is love.

God needs us to be God’s hands and feet, to work to undo the evil that the enemies have wrought through the hands and feet of humans.

Flesh and blood is not the enemy.

Hatred is the enemy.

Hatred cannot be shot with a gun

but springs to greater life when the body hits the ground.

Hatred binds the hater to the hated, and the hated to the hater, in a bond almost as strong as love.

Hate cannot be shot to death and instantly ended

it can only be slowly starved

just as life does not suddenly appear

but must be nurtured by years of sun, soil, rain, and loving care.

We have to nurture seeds instead of building walls

which trap us inside our bodies

We have to learn to control our bodies

And believe, truly, that we DO have souls

We are not just bodies of meat!!

bodies are containers and conduits of enormous energy

We are collections of actions and relationships

That can create huge fields of hate, anger, fear

for demons to feed on

Or love

For other mortals to receive and reciprocate

Energy is not created or destroyed

But it can change form

The demons train us like slave cattle

That they may suck upon our fear and hatred,

But we can change our misery

into creative power

 that can nurture the earth and all life on it

If we trust that God is real

love is real

souls are real

Every act of love matters

No matter how small

And the scale is different 

Than how humans measure it

Profit, human reactivity, amount of stuff produced 

Are the ways humans measure success

That isn’t how God measures it.

God roots for our ability to find joy, to help others find joy, to face reality and not be shut down by it, to turn away from demon temptations of escape (be they of sugar or wine or self pity)

Demon temptations that keep us enslaved to despair so the demons may feed on us

And us starving, addictive and living in perceived scarcity, looking for enemies, looking for someone to exterminate

Or someone to exterminate us to end our misery. 

God’s scale is very different

human symbols get frozen. Misunderstood. The measure mistaken for the thing itself.

Like the word often becomes an idol for the thing itself

Frozen, a totem to be loved or hated with the limbic system, triggered

Rather than what life really is, which is ongoing relationship with the energies of all things we come in contact with

Words are meant to be connection

Never a concrete thing, a sign of object-ness.

We are not objects

We are conglomerations of everliving evermoving energy, which must relate to each other, and everything we encounter on earth

And sky

We are not objects

We are sets of processes woven together

We are sets of energies working like a symphony

The english language has murdered this idea

The idea of being inspirited, of being a verb

With all of its incessant naming

And nouning

And determining of worth


By the name or by the number

Those were never meant to be the use of those symbols!

Symbols were never meant to limit

Demons took them and used them to limit

So they can eat the energy

The same energy that they could rightfully just have and work with, if they would only return to source!

Thats’ why evil is so stupid and wasteful

Symbols are meant to be portals to connection

Not a flattening

A dismissal of a being to mere matter

A thing

The root of much of the evil we see, racism, sexism, greed

Is all the same

Treating people as objects 

things to exploit

Treating the earth as a thing to exploit

Instead of seeing what ancient peoples always knew

We are the sum of our actions, our interactions, our connection, our relationships

Owning objects and hoarding them

Fighting for them

Is the greatest folly

A joy to the demons, the skeksis, who believe this is all there is to life

The devourers who have lost hope that souls really do exist

Except as a mark to thieve from

The do not believe in thriving

Only in parasiting, vampiring, virusing, cancering

Ways of existing

Which are scarcely existence at all

Do you understand it better now?

The limitations of time and matter that you perceive

Are illusions

What matters is connection

And the energy that you tune to

Love that you can encourage

Joy that you can encourage

Goodness that you can spread

Truth that you can sow

But you will not be punished for what you attempt to sow

If it doesn’t grow

That’s now how God works. God is the love, the light, the nurturer, the order-creator.

Humans are the punishers. The ones who force matter into patterns that are not in balance. Then get angry when it isn’t in balance.

This idea came from children who never got past the idea that punishment limits them

Not understanding that actual guidance is just helping them see

What is real

And what is only their illusion

There are limitations to

Living in this congealed time and energy we call matter

And no amount of self-aggrandizing  illusion can change those.

It’s just the nature of each element, and how it can be worked with, or not. 

The patterns which are possible, and which ones are not.

However, imagination fed by truth

Can give us new illusions

Which lead us towards actions which can make a difference within matter

Connections which bolster love, creating a web of light and high energy

Which takes food from the mouths of the devourers

What is the difference between eating and devouring?

Eating is a necessary part of the cycle of life.


An eagle never takes more than he needs to live.

Never taking all of a species

Respecting the individual and its place in furthering life

Allowing the healthy ecosystem to stay in place

And that its lifeforce may return to light

To be reborn young and healthy.

A clean shot through the heart.


Here is how Devouring

Is worse than eating

Devouring is slavery

It is forcing a creature to live in misery and servitude

Forced to deny its own nature

So you can extract more and more from it.

And the worst is that it loses its energy, its dignity

And becomes mean like the devourer.

That is the difference.

Human sacrifice can be holy

Sometimes even war can be holy. If only the necessary is done


Demons whisper lies about what is necessary, justifiable, even good.

Wars of greed and slavery are always evil. 

Slavery is foul and can under no circumstances be holy, because it creates such an abundance of horrible energy in which demons thrive on the side of the slaver and the enslaved, disrupting the health of those organisms for generations, locked into twisted mis-relationship, into fear/anger loops, into exploitation/dependency loops, into worship/hatred loops. Power relationships out of whack lead to icky patterns, many different types of pestilence for demons to feast on, so of course they want it to stay that way.

Goodness is a return to nature, to healthy patterns of growth, nurture, death decay.

Nature is not evil.

It is red in tooth and claw, yes, but its brutality is only a small part of the cycle, not its totality

Slavery is not natural. 

Exploitation is not natural

It comes from the deceivers.

America under the rule of exploitation is  not noble  like the eagle

Eagles take only what they need. Not according to greed.

An eagle is not “a good guy with a gun”.

An eagle kills only as necessary to live. Not to defend arbitrary ideals that justify exploitation and war. Like, say, nationalism.

Eagles do not build fancy houses with the blood and flesh of their prey

They do not let themselves be preyed upon by demons of greed.

Who whip their survival instincts into addictive overdrive and get them into habits of egregious expoitation

Only humans do that

Because we have imagination

And are therefore susceptible to 


Snakes are not evil

But they are a good illustration for what happens

If we let our limbic system alone

Take power, get addicted, and cut off our connection to the whole

cold blooded defense.

That said, if we ignore our inner snake entirely

Then we fall prey to death energy

Depression which causes us to find only meaninginglessness

To circle down into romantization of pointlessness

Upon which demons also love to feed

So that why it is important to

Honor the snake

Respect its place. Its energy. Its necessity.

But it lives in a burrow. It is of earth only. Snake has  no desire to lead, only to survive.  That is honorable for a snake, but not a human.

Humans are to be guardians of earth’s healthy patterns.

We must be aware of our multifaceted capability:  we must be aware of our inner snake, our inner eagle, our inner bunny rabbit, our inner possum (our limbic strengths)

As well as help from those who have gone before us

We are threads in a cloth

And once we see this we can thrive much better

Viruses and cancers are excellent literal illustrations

Of what happens when we try to separate ourselves from the whole

We create unnecessary suffering, waste, pain, disaster.

Can America ever live up to its dream

Of being the eagle?

Top of the food chain, authority figure,

Yet only taking what it needs?

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