The Dam of Tears

Why did I cry so much about the damn dam while watching Frozen 2? It’s a kid’s movie about a woman who magically creates ice. ummm, ok, Shalay’s tears, whatever. Y’all, it’s also a movie about a community that hid the evil it employed to establish its wealth, and literally dammed the resources away from the people whose land was stolen. I cried when I saw the film because I had recently learned the history of the indigenous people who lived in my hometown, and the role that the dam played in the theft of their land. I, like Elsa, … Continue reading The Dam of Tears

a conversation with the wind

When in the realm of too-sentient things I hollered and flapped and broke both  my wings I wailed and screamed and beat my breast The wind blew by And whispered, “Just rest.” I screamed to the wind that there was too much to do The wind agreed, that he was busy too. “Well, how can I rest, while I’m running this race? I never get ahead, a slave to serotonin, confined by time and space, You wouldn’t know! You just  swirl around, as free as you please.” And then the wind made an amused little breeze. “Me? Where I want? … Continue reading a conversation with the wind