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Frozen 2 broke the dam of my tears

Caution y’all; spoilers. Why did I cry so much about the damn dam in Frozen 2, the dam that the Arendellians called a gift to the Northuldrans but was really just exploitation? Like many southerners, I reportedly had a “cherokee great-grandmother.” I like to… Continue Reading “Frozen 2 broke the dam of my tears”

half blind and half deaf

As a language teacher, I know about communicating. I also know how often people think they have communicated, but they really haven’t. I love to play the game of Telephone with my students. We start a whispered sentence in German, and by the time… Continue Reading “half blind and half deaf”

What the Taxidermist taught his daughter about value

When I was about 10 years old, a well-dressed white lady walked into my dad’s corpse-scented taxidermy shop reverently holding the body of a hummingbird that had smashed itself into her picture window. “How much will it cost me to have it preserved? Poor… Continue Reading “What the Taxidermist taught his daughter about value”

The Taxidermist’s Youngest

This is the excerpt for your very first post.