A Concerned Monkey comments on the Human Game.

This game the humans play is not fun any more.

Here are the basic rules of the game.

Human A suffers loss and has pain. Perhaps he lost someone, or he is ill.

Human A walks around feeling in pain.

Human B’s Game Goal is to avoid Person A’s pain.

Human B has several action strategies to avoid sharing the pain of his fellow human.

  1. to convince himself that person A isn’t really in pain
  2. do something addictive to distract himself from pain
  3. to blame Human A for being in pain.
  4. to assume that Human A blames Human B for the pain, and thus wants to fight
  5. To kill human A so his suffering won’t be there anymore making Person B feel bad too.

After choosing one or more of these pain-avoiding strategies, Human B then invents Big Stories in his little circly brain to make himself feel justified for his action.

Depending on which strategy Human B chose, Human A now likely is carrying even more pain, and has now learned a new pain-avoidant strategy, which he will apply, the next time he sees another human in pain.

I wish the humans could see that this game is not fun any more and they should play a different one. They should try sharing each others’ pain and making songs or art or dances about it. That works better.


A Concerned Monkey

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