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Frozen 2 broke the dam of my tears

Caution y’all; spoilers. Why did I cry so much about the damn dam in Frozen 2, the dam that the Arendellians called a gift to the Northuldrans but was really just exploitation? Like many southerners, I reportedly had a “cherokee great-grandmother.” I like to… Continue Reading “Frozen 2 broke the dam of my tears”

half blind and half deaf

As a language teacher, I know about communicating. I also know how often people think they have communicated, but they really haven’t. I love to play the game of Telephone with my students. We start a whispered sentence in German, and by the time… Continue Reading “half blind and half deaf”

Separating Unicorns from Goats; Despicable Me 3

Art is everywhere.

The Taxidermist’s Youngest

This is the excerpt for your very first post.