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On eagles, snakes, and good guys with guns

4th of July rambling from a redneck mystic Even the ruggedest individual is not separate he is part of a long line of people who gave their dna for him part of the animals and plants he consumes part of elements he is made… Continue Reading “On eagles, snakes, and good guys with guns”


Angle up or angel down We don’t look side to side around We say we’re left  Or that we are right We don’t see a foot in in front or behind We just look for endgame. Let us not rush through as if it’s… Continue Reading “Endgame”

For Dr. August DeBerdt, beloved Teacher.

My beloved professor passed away last July. August DeBerdt was born  February 19, 1934.So in honor of his birthday,  better late than never,  I wanted to share some of what I learned from him. I attended Berry College in 1994. A small liberal arts… Continue Reading “For Dr. August DeBerdt, beloved Teacher.”

Whitewashed Tower

You live in your tower And earn your keep While we toil beneath you Waiting for sleep We knew you in old times When teeth were still white You told us to work for An end to the night You left us  to slave… Continue Reading “Whitewashed Tower”

an 80s poem for my brother

Once in a Lifetime By Shalay for Russ Hey you are we comfortably numb mumbling along to the practical song? are you Tom Sawyer? or a brick in the wall? Am I a spirit in the material world, Or a material girl? We were… Continue Reading “an 80s poem for my brother”

Frozen 2 broke the dam of my tears

Caution y’all; spoilers. Why did I cry so much about the damn dam in Frozen 2, the dam that the Arendellians called a gift to the Northuldrans but was really just exploitation? Like many southerners, I reportedly had a “cherokee great-grandmother.” I like to… Continue Reading “Frozen 2 broke the dam of my tears”

a conversation with the wind

When in the realm of too-sentient things I hollered and flapped and broke both  my wings I wailed and screamed and beat my breast The wind blew by And whispered, “Just rest.” I screamed to the wind that there was too much to do… Continue Reading “a conversation with the wind”

A Love Letter to People with ADHD or ADD

Dear Tribe, I am 44 and have had my diagnosis for three years. For most of my life I thought I was just nothing but a mess. Now that I know more about ADD and ADHD, I have other ideas. I have been teaching… Continue Reading “A Love Letter to People with ADHD or ADD”

My translation of the Lord’s Prayer

Our parent who art everywhere Hallowed be thy name Thy love-order come, thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven Give us this day our basic needs and forgive us our mistakes As we forgive those who make mistakes against us… Continue Reading “My translation of the Lord’s Prayer”


She’s not homeless today. She has a one-room place and a landlord who notices if she uses more water. She’s on her usual corner  Encouraging her cornermates with kind words chiding them lovingly about not doing their part to pick up their trash. Today… Continue Reading “She”


Ever wonder why people often stop making sense when they are arguing? It’s because of the fight-or-flight response system. Our bodies perceive a threat to our beliefs the same as it perceives a physical threat, such as a hungry tiger. Once our bodies perceive… Continue Reading “Fawn”

are we teaching more than competition?

Children naturally compete for resources like food and attention. They are programmed by nature to do so. If they have enough and they feel safe and loved, many children naturally and good-naturedly share what they have with others. Children are naturally openly curious about… Continue Reading “are we teaching more than competition?”

overanalyzing small talk

I hate small talk. Not all small talk. Just the small talk that’s mostly about ego competition, one-upping each other, attempting to cling to tribal groups and figure out who to exclude. I find it meaningless and exhausting. But who am I to decide… Continue Reading “overanalyzing small talk”

Part of me leaked out today

Friday, 8. March, 2019 As I was trying to leave to go to work today, my nose began to gush blood. I stood in the kitchen with a roll of paper towels, watching my life force drip into the sink. I stared at the … Continue Reading “Part of me leaked out today”

are humans smarter than animals?

Today’s journal prompt was about the ways in which we are smarter than animals, and the ways in which they are smarter than us. Here are some results from my 7th and 8th graders: WAYS HUMANS ARE SMARTER: “Better technology.” “Complicated buildings.” “Written language.”… Continue Reading “are humans smarter than animals?”

Sugar-Free Salt-Free Wheat-free Vegan Blueberry Yum

My gran made the best blueberry cheesecake. Graham cracker crust, lots of butter, cream cheese, cool whip, canned blueberries, more sugar, pecans. MMMM Now, my husband and I are both on this diet for different health reasons. Limiting refined sugar, salt, wheat, dairy and… Continue Reading “Sugar-Free Salt-Free Wheat-free Vegan Blueberry Yum”