Whitewashed Tower

You live in your tower

And earn your keep

While we toil beneath you

Waiting for sleep

We knew you in old times

When teeth were still white

You told us to work for

An end to the night

You left us  to slave here

You left us behind

You left us no warning

You left us so blind

You said you would help us

You said that you cared

You throw us a bone some

And laugh when we’re scared

We miss you we see you

Up there all shining

We love you we need you

You have us all pining

You said you would feed us

You said that you cared

Please throw us a bone now

Don’t laugh when we’re scared

You told us to fear them

Wherever they hide

to trust only Tower

And doubt our own eyes

One day I went wandering

Away from the tower

I saw from a distance

A good  kind of flower

I chose it and kept it

I loved it that hour

It is ours and  will keep us

We needed no tower

We planted its seeds and

our flowers did grow

Gratitude bloomed for us

And actions did flow

We sowed the beauty 

We sowed the  love

We sowed the realness

And down came the dove

The dove stays with us now

From the tower he’s flown 

May you old tower crumble

May you die alone

You said we must fear them

That only you cared

But them is just us now

And we aren’t so scared.

We gave you our power

We toiled and were awed

We gave you our heart’s blood

But you were not God.

You lived  in your tower

While we earned your keep

We’re working  for us now

No longer asleep.

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