Angle up or angel down

We don’t look side to side around

We say we’re left 

Or that we are right

We don’t see a foot in in front or behind

We just look for endgame.

Let us not rush through as if it’s all

win or lose

It’s not.

If you want to win in the end, sorry, your greatest fear is true…

it IS all “pointless.” There are no winners. No losers.

We all go back to the same earth.

The endgame is an illusion.

Success is hollow

if you’ve gutted people to get it.

Success becomes an idol of itself.

Just as the idol created of “common sense”

is really just greed. Justified by fear.

When you make a God of Winning

All the beautiful things which nurture instead of strive

are pillaged

Creating a dog eat dog world of bullies

But eventually, when the nurturers are all devoured,

even the bullies have nothing left to feed on.

When only “winners” survive, a dead earth is the only endgame

We may say we worship the one true God. Or none at all.

But in truth we have created gods to worship

Gods of security, money, practicality, righteous anger, WINNING

These false gods control us with fear

close up our hearts

demand our attention,

and create appetite for war.

But the real God is not waving a flag.

God is not shaking pompoms at the wargames that humans find so fun.

God does not see you as a winner or loser.

God does not love you as part of a group or team or country.

God sees you

the same as every other person

a unique, valued, beloved child.

If a human parent can love a child in this way

How is God’s love not

a thousand times stronger?

If you don’t believe in God

God won’t be angry.

God does not throw you away

if you have the wrong tiny ideas in your tiny head

as the false gods say.

God just wants you to carry the truth

that love can overpower

the false gods

of Winning.

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