Part of me leaked out today

Friday, 8. March, 2019

As I was trying to leave to go to work today, my nose began to gush blood.

I stood in the kitchen with a roll of paper towels, watching my life force drip into the sink.

I stared at the  erythrocytes bright red with oxygenation.

I wondered about my white blood cells. Were they thrashing around trying to find some enemy to defeat, still living and moving in the red gush?  How long until they realized they were no longer part of the organism and gave up?

Were my platelets trying to coagulate, even though there was no reason to do so?

How long does my blood live without me?

I tasted the metal in my throat, looked at the red gathering in all the creases of my hands, frozen by the thought that I am composed of billions of molecules working together somehow.

Blood is a beautiful color.blood red

Spiegel, blutrot (Blood Red Mirror ) by Gerhard Richter

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