Stuff I heard Jesus say to me

An agent of sorrow

is what people need

to outgrow youth’s anger

of happiness decreed


You traveled down into

abysses of shame

and built  fortress walls

of issues to blame


You sealed off your heart

with a great rolling stone

you strengthened the barricade

to “lighten your load”


honey you listened

but still don’t see light

your eyes are still blinded

by perfectionist might


Give up. Give in.

Let them eat your remains.

You are less than you think

and more all the same


Let the reins drop.

face up to the end.

Count on what’s beautiful

then you’ll begin.


You cannot change life

with catalogs of woes

life is a movement

it’s power that flows.


Don’t give up your power

just use it for good

don’t pick that flower

just leave it to bloom.


Live moving forward

don’t let thorns remain

tidy your shoes

from guilt and from pain.


You carry your own heart

you need nothing more

your gifts can be heartfelt

and leave you less poor


Breathe in your essence

of gold and of strength

let go the bindings

that strip you at length.


The hallway is narrow

the kitchen is bright

your lifetime is gift time

it isn’t a fight.


surrender is all

make your soul like a dove

the fighting must end

if you throw down the glove


take careful stock

of material things

so you know what you give

and can then give it wings.


Breathe child breathe

today doesn’t end it

it’s one golden moment

you don’t have to spend it


You know what you’ve come from

you know where you’ve been

you know what your soul is

now step in it again.


If you cling, it gets taxidermed

cold, hard, and dead

let spirit flow through you

it’s not in your head.


You didn’t invent this

its been going for years

but culture has squashed it

with objects and fears.


Cling only to truth, girl

and love as it unfolds

you can’t use your terror

in well-lit abodes


These teachings they teach you

in one ear out another

but love is what’s acted

in, through, and under.







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